Dream Life

Moon manifestation mastery 

Manifest all your dreams, wishes and desires with the power of the moon.

Are you ready to live your dream life?

My name is Marloes and I’m on a mission to empower you to live your dream life.

I have built this training to help you make your first steps into your new life.

You will learn:

  1. How to create a new moon manifestation ritual. During the ritual you make your dream life known to the Universe and that's where the magic starts.
  2. How to focus and keep track of your dreams during the entire moon month.
  3. How to control your energy and what to expect, during the different kind of moon phases.

What are you waiting for? 

Go, create & live your dream life!

Moon manifestation mastery

Do you recognize this…

  • You feel there is more in life than you experience now? 
  • You have big dreams but you don't know how or are afraid of the first step?
  • You feel rushed in your own life and pressure is a common thing?
  • You have lack of energy and you don't know why? 
  • You have worked you're ass off in different aspects of life (work, money, health, love) and you still don't see any progress? 

Moon manifestation mastery

Wouldn't it be amazing if…

  • You are starting to create your dream life? Whatever that means for you. Make that trip to Bali, buy that house, get that fantastic body or increase your financial situation!
  • You feel confident about your desires and you are taking the first steps to change your life?
  • You are in control of your energy level and know exactly when to speed up or to slow down?
  • You live in a natural flow and life comes with ease?
  • You are successful in life and get what you want without being under pressure? 

What to expect

What do other women say

I am loving it. I am noticing that I am positive and full of energy, even on my low week. Which is fab. This is a badass manifestation mastery – I know this will be great for those who commit wholeheartedly.

Kate Austin

It's a really lovely way to invest in myself instead of constantly running around taking care of everyone around me like I usually do. The Moon Manifestation Mastery has taught me so much about the moon and its energy. It's a great way to control my energy level, experience high positive vibes and create dreams again!

Judith Oosterveen - van der Meulen

Understanding the connection between the moon cycle and my menstruation cycle has been incredible. I'm grateful to manifest my dreams by using the tools provided by The Moon Manifestation Mastery, the right energy and tuning in with these natural cycles!

Lotte ter Beke

I've signed up for the Moon Manifestation Mastery because I'd heard about the power and the energy of the moon before, but I didn't know how it worked exactly.  Marloes explains how to live with the moon while manifesting your dreams in a straightforward, clear and enthusiastic way. It's such a valuable training that helps you come closer to yourself and keep track of your goals in life. You'll learn to deal with off days and accept that it's okay to have them. My advice: “Go for this mastery and just do it!”

Liza van Schijndel

Work with powerful manifestation tools

Within the rhythm of the moon

Have you heard of the law of attraction, the Secret or affirmations? They are tools to help you get what you want in life, and they work! These tools allow you infinite possibilities, infinite abundance, and infinite joy. It knows no order of difficulty, and it can change your life in every way.

But I would like to take this a step further and combine them with the power and energy of the moon. Why? Our quality of life and pace are directly influenced by lunar and solar cycles. The moon influences the water element externally and internally, everyone knows the tides are influenced by the moon but how about a person? Well if the human body is 60% water, the heart 73%, lungs 83%, Skin 64% then it's no secret that the moon can have a lot of influence.

And it all makes sense… this study, published in Current Biology, shows that we get around 20 minutes less sleep during full moon compared with a new moon.

I'm just saying, go with that moon flow and your life will be so much easier.

Marloes - founder Pink Munky

Want to know more about energy?

Listen to my podcast!

What to expect

More energy, control, success and joy


You will set your intentions for this training. I will also guide you through the 8 different kind of moon phases and we will discuss the first phase.


This is the most exciting week of all. I will guide you through a new moon manifestation ritual, here you make your desires and dreams known to the Universe – Hello new life! In this same week we will look back at our wishes during the waxing crescent phase.


You are walking into the first quarter and waxing gibbous phase. You will learn how to deal with these new energies and how not to lose sight of your goals.


Your emotions can't be ignored in this full moon phase but you will know how to deal with this thanks to the powerful tools of forgiveness and gratefulness. Right after this intense phase, you will  B R E A T H E  during the waning gibbous phase, it's time to relax now.


Your moon month is almost coming to an end with the third quarter and waning crescent phase. A few more energies to deal with but you are getting ready for the next new moon.


In this last week we look back, summarize and start over again… YES you are living your dream life now!

The Moon Manifestation Mastery from Pink Munky has been a real page-turner for me. Step by step, it's introducing you to the inspiring and interesting world of the moon and her energy.

I've learned how this energy influences my body and what this all means. From a ‘new moon ritual' during the New Moon to ‘letting go of what doesn't support me anymore' during the Full Moon. It's really intense while also super valuable. Marloes makes you think of what it is you desire in your life with the help of down-to-earth videos and exercises.

The fun part of the mastery is realising that you're actually creating your dream life after a while. You really see the first results of your new moon wishes!  Amazing!

Lotte ter Beke

Moon manifestation mastery

Who should sign up?

I've created this training for soul sisters who are stuck in their own life and want to pursue their dreams. Those who believe they are here on earth with a purpose, love a bit of moon magic, are ready for positivity and want to get everything out of life.

Are you ready to change your work life, love life, financial situation? Or do you want to improve your health, get that dream body or make that trip around the world? Then this moon manifestation mastery is for you!

Don't waste more time, sign up now and start living your dream life!

What are you waiting for? 

Go, create & live your dream life!

This mastery is best completed within 6 weeks. Plan approximately 1 or 2 hours per week. You need to start this training one week before your next new moon. This phase is known as the third quarter. The beauty of this mastery is that you can use this cycle every month again to help you to manifest your dreams. 

Enroll now in my Moon Manifestation Mastery and start living your dream life.

The next New Moon: August 8th!

Recommended mastery startdate: August 1st!

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You are the creator of your own life! I know from my own experiences that you can get everything you want in life but you have to be brave. It is important that you start talking to the Universe and let it know what it is that you desire!

Trust the Universe, be patient and believe in yourself. Be grateful for everything that is already in your life and for what is to come.

And then.. aloha new dream life 😉

Marloes - founder Pink Munky


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